Several problems with Roon Update 2.0.25 (Build 1353)


I have a used S40 prooved by a reliable dealer, therefore I can assume that it is not a hardware problem.

After some time of rest - Roon is still running on the notebook - the CPU load increases and I have problems with the selection of albums and long dropouts during playback.

If I restart the S20, the CPU load is ok, but I have problems with playback. I have now restarted twice because of this. The first time Squeeze was not found by Roon. I then switched to Roon Ready as the player.

On the next restart due to CPU load, no sound was output, still with Roon Ready as player. I then switched back to Squeeze and activated Squeeze in Roon. After that I heard something again.

Firstly I have the impression that there are problems with the Antipodes config and the new Roon version and then I am afraid that Roon implements background processes in new versions that the computer in the S40 will not be able to cope with in the long term.

Best regards

Hi there, we have had no issues with the Roon update per se, that’s not to say that it doesn’t scan in the background, which it does, also the latest Roon update required a full database re-scan, which will halt playback.
I would reboot all your Antipodes devices and remote computer, your DAC, as well as your network.
If you continue to have issues, please make a booking for remote support here…