Sharing your favorite Hq player settings

For those with extensive experience with Hq player can you share and photo shoot what you feel gives you the best sound on Hq player and what those setting are thanks in advance

Your best bet is to find others who are using HQPlayer with your DAC and then see if their listening preference align with yours. I think many use the filters as if they were tone controls in that they are trying to flavor the sound to their liking. I wouldn’t want to copy the settings from anyone who uses it that way. In my case, I think the built in filters in my DAC do harm, especially to transients. The only thing that matters is what one’s own ears decide.

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I like HQP, but it has to be said that the use manual isn’t very helpful unless you have a substantial background in this field. I mean that in terms if trying to understand in general terms what all the filters do, and what effect they will have on the sound.

You do of course have to use your own ears to decide what you like, but the abundance of options makes it hard to know where to start. As kennyb123 has said, your DAC will also have an influence.

Some time last year I think Jussi posted that his preference (for PCM) was 1x=poly-sinc-gauss-long, Nx=poly-sinc-gauss-hires-lp. I have to admit that I have played with a number of different filters for PCM, and these are the ones that I come back to.

Rather than start another thread here, you may want to look at two other threads with a large amount of info on HQP. One is on Audiophile Style, it’s over 1100 pages long, and the developers of HQP regularly post there:

The 2nd big resource (>3000 posts) is on the Roon website, and Jussi is a regular contributor:

This is going to seem like a huge amount of information, but I’d go to the end of each of these and work your way back. There’s not much point in going back even a year, as things move so rapidly. Also use the search function to try to dig up specific information of interest.

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To add to this thread, an interesting page here…

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