Spdif on the back of DS-3

Hi, new guy here. I want to purchase an older Antipodes model the DS-3 with 4TB SSD.
I noticed it has a SPDIF connection on the back, is this not a SPDIF output ? The seller claims it only has USB output, but It clearly has the SPDIF connection. I really need a SPDIF output to connect to my older DAC, which I love.(Bel Canto 3.7)
Any help will be much appreciated.

Pretty sure it’s a service port.

The DS3 can be found on the following page. According to this the seller was right.

Nope, It’s a SPDIF Digital out. I’ve got it working, but now I’m trying to figure out why all the files on the server are reading the exact same size and bit rate.

From memory, because I upgraded from my DS some years ago, it’s not labelled, unlike every other input or output socket.
When I bought a DAC that had SPDIF input I asked Mark about it and I’m pretty sure he said it had no owner/user function which might explain the server files being the same.

Ok now I’m even more confused. So I’m getting sound out of my Antipode, but I don’t understand “no user function”.
I can play music from another server in my room. I see the normal bit rate sizes. Just not when I use the Antipodes as my server.
So I guess that means the player is working fine, but not the server.

OK, another quote from days gone by on StereoNet Australia:

I think Mark Jenkins is the best person to resolve this question. I believe that some DS models did offer SPDIF.

Thanks very much for this insight. I have a support appt tomorrow. I have a list of many questions. Cheers

Hi All, In a follow -up about the SPDIF output of my DS-3. Should I stick with the SPDIF straight into the DAC ? or get a decent USB converter and plug that into the DAC. I’ve read that might be superior, but I’m not sure because I believe both outputs are attached to the motherboard. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Generally not a good idea to use any sort of adapter on a cable No good can come of it as always something “lost in translation.” Maybe time yo upgrade that DAC……

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Thanks for the insight. I love my DAC, (Bel Canto 3.7, with upgrades). I don’t want to change my DAC just to get a USB input. Some people swear by BNC or AES over USB. Think I’ll keep it status quo.
Many thanks.

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