Splitting server and player on S30 to S30 and S40

Hi all,

I am contemplating adding another S60 and an S40 to my current S20/S30/S60 combination and have a couple of questions.

After splitting the server and player functions to the S40 and S30 respectively, is the SSD in the S30 simply transferred to the S40 and the new functions configured in the software, leaving the S30 to run without SSD storage?

In terms of hard connections, am I correct in assuming that the network is connected to the S40 and the direct stream RJ45 on the S40 connected to the network input on the S30?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks Paul P
Dunedin, NZ

Hi the @PaulP you are correct in all you say :slight_smile:
Sounds to me like you have it sussed