Squeeeeeeeze sample rates


I thought I would try squeeze, and (unless I am complicating things) looks like theres a few ways to do this.

For me I have enabled it on the CX and EX and within roon, enabled Squeezebox support.

What I have noticed is that it maxes out at 192khz. Any file larger than this is downsampled.

Is this correct that Squeeze only goes up to 192khz and DSD64?


Anyone here know???

You have to enable the C-3PO plugin - then go into the player settings for it and make sure it’s enabled and not doing any resampling. I’m not home so I can’t send screenshots.

Thanks for the reply. Where do I enable plugins? In roon?

For Squeeze, you Open Squeeze for the Server. With the Material web interface open, click on Settings and then Library. At the top of the opened Library is Basic Settings which has a drop down menu. Scroll down past general “greyed” header of Plugins and select Plugins that is available.

Oh ok, doesnt open for me.

Even if it does, does that mean you have to use a different interface to use this functionality? I would prefer to use roons interface


My apologies for suggesting C-3PO. I missed the part about Roon. I’m not sure if this would solve the problem.

Are you able to open the Server from My Antipodes? If you are relying on a bookmark for the Server web address, it is possible that your address may have changed in your network–I have had that happen to me.

I believe you cannot run both Roon Server and Squeeze Server at the same time. If you prefer to utilize the Roon Server, you can still utilize Squeeze as a Player by selecting it as Player and also enabling in Roon. You will then have Squeeze as Player and use the Roon interface. Squeeze Server Plugins would not be applicable in this case.

Indeed thats what I am doing but finding that it taps out at 192khz, Anything above this get downsampled. Same for DSD. Max is DSD64.

Any reason why this would be? Can this be changed?


There are DACs, normally older ones, that have such limits, but I am making the assumption your DAC has higher resolution capability–if you do not know, check your manual or specs by output for your DAC.

Are you using AES/EBU as your digital input to your DAC? Those are the resolution limits for that connection. If your DAC is capable of higher resolutions, then you should consider USB or I2S ( if DAC supports that connection) for connection from your Antipodes to your DAC. Personally, I do not use Roon for sample rate conversions–I use native resolutions to my DACs. If you are using those DSP features, you may wish to check how you have those configurations set.


I have an Aqua La Scala Mkii Optologic and use a USB for connection.

Using a USB for this DAC it can go upto 384khz. I have a couple of DXD files, so thats how I know they are being downsampled if I use squeeze instead of roon. If I use roon, then they play at the DXD rate of 384khz

So taking that into account, why is squeeze topping out at 192khz, and can I do anything about it?


In the Roon app you can select the audiozone and then tweak some settings. It seems indeed that if using a Roon ready player the max sample rate is 384 khz and with Squeeze player selected maximum output is 192 khz… Higher samplerates not available. I would ask Roon support to explain this. They also have adequate support and user forum.

I cannot comment as to why Roon have done this, but the MAX sample rate of Squeezelite in Roon is 192khz, additionally they downsample DSD to DSD64.
If you use Squeeze with Squeeze, you do not get this limitation.

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I see, thanks Mark.

For some reason I cant open Squeeze from the Dashboard. Just get an error message.

I think I would prefer to stick with Rooms interface anyway.


Sounds like you need some remote access support there @cczero17 .
If you want to get it sorted, book an appointment.

Hi Mark, I am experimenting with the “full squeeze” (Server + Player) mode on my EX. It seems I cannot get DXDx2 to play. Is this C-3PO the solution and can be installed in the EX?

thanks in advance

Squeeze can handle DSD, no point in installing C3P0.
I assume that you have normal playback, just this particular file, are you using USB, and what is the DAC.

Hi Mark, I alternate between using the EX as player (connected to P2) and a SonoreUR. I understand why the EX reverts to DoP (because of the P2 reclocker) but the UR cannot handle double DSD. Both run the same OS (SonicOrbiter), right? The DAC is a DSD one so cannot be the culprit.

If you are using a P2 via AES or SPDIF the max is DSD64