Squeeze and Tidal

Quick question:

Is Tidal still not available on Squeeze?

I am using Squeeze server and player on S30/S60.
Few months ago Tidal stopped properly working via Squeeze because of Squeeze server shutdown or something like that, so I moved to Spotify. I would go back to Tidal if I had a choice

I believe you have a choice. I am with Qobuz as I prefer it to Tidal. Screen Shot 2024-07-11 at 7.31.44 AM

Hi there Tidal is still available, however you may need to update your plugin.

Go to Manage Plugins or Plugins on the server, ensure you have Tidal v1.5.1 enabled, if not scroll down to find the uninstalled plugin, check the box and SAVE.
Ensure that all other Tidal plugins are disabled.

If you require further assistance, book a remote support session.

thank you all of you for your help