Squeeze as player

I upgraded to 3.11 yesterday and everything seems to be working fine. I wanted to try squeeze as a server rather than Roon which I’m currently using. I switched server and player on K50 but not sure how I control music since it doesn’t use Roon interface. What are the additional steps needed to get squeeze player interface? Thanks

Never mind. I figured it out, I guess you select the open icon on the server dashboard. Now I’m trying to see if this sounds better than the Roon server. I don’t think I will use permanently since interface not very useful to find music compared to the Roon interface

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You could try Ipeng if you own an iPad. It’s looks a little better than the current squeeze player and has some sort of integration of Qobuz, Tidal and other apps.


@Lxgreen I tend to now use m

Have a good listen with Squeeze/Squeezelite. With my K50 I cannot bear to listen to Roon when I want to sit back and glory in the wonderful sound quality that the K50 is capable of giving me.

Also, try experimenting with comparing the USB and BNC outputs. Many people prefer the BNC output especially into Chord DACs or the Mscaler. My system output is slightly more off piste than that but that is a tale for another day!! (I will explain all in ‘My System’ when I have time).

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Wish us K40 owners had the choice to use squeeze for our playback :anguished:

Am I correct in believing your K40 can be upgraded to K50? Alternatively you could feed it into an S30.

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No I’d fully agree with you about retaining Roon. Although there are some marginal gains to be had sonically by using Squeeze/Squeezlite, the interface absolutely stinks by comparison. There’s absolutely no way I could ever put up with that. Roon into Squeeze suits me just fine.


Have you tried the Antipodes Material?

No I haven’t & to be entirely honest I wouldn’t even know how to. What I can say though is that if it hadn’t been for the availability of Roon as an available interface then I’d never have considered buying an Antipodes server/player. Even then & as I’ve previously mentioned, I originally stayed away as I found the set-up & management too user unfriendly. Strangely enough, I also really didn’t get on with the first example of a K50 I owned (up until the middle to latter part of last month). The earlier CX units I’d tried & the K30 I had on demo at a later date, sounded much better than the first K50 I actually owned (unfortunately no K50 was available at the time to demo). To say I was disappointed with the sound of my first K50 is a gross understatement. I thought that unit far too forward, edgy & in need of fleshing out & that’s despite a great many hours of use. I couldn’t even bear to listen to it in the same room until it had been powered up for a minimum of three days. It did however lead me to start experimenting with different cables. I already owned a top quality Live Cable X-treme USB cable & also an Audioquest Wild AES/EBU. The two cables together retail at the best part £3,700 in the U.K. but I found neither to be entirely satisfactory. The USB cable was against my expectations the better of the two & what I’d used when auditioning the K30. The K30 sounded fabulous with this cable, but the first K50 considerably less so. Because of my dissatisfaction & because against expectations the Live Cable X-treme USB sounded better than the Audioquest Wild AES/EBU it peaked my interest in trying another Live Cable, This time the X-treme AES/EBU. This was & entirely as it should have been for an AES/EBU cable within the context of my system the best yet, but it was still nevertheless a little on the bright side. This is why I raised the question as to what other AES/EBU cables K50 owners used & arranged to also try a MIT Oracle MA-X AES/EBU which allows the user to tone down any brightness or excessively forward presentation. However since that original post on AES/EBU cables I’ve become the owner of the latest revised version of the K50 & this sounds absolutely amazing with either cable, even from cold. Is it the revisions that are responsible for this? I obviously don’t know as I don’t really have much to go on & from what I’ve read they’re supposedly similarly voiced. All I can say Is that this K50 sounds absolutely amazing (even with the Audioquest Wild) & is entirely what I was expecting, whereas I’d grown to really dislike my first K50 example. As regards the AES/EBU cables. Having heard what a better cable can do with a player I didn’t actually like that much, I’m extremely eager to see what it can do with one I absolutely love. Sorry & I bet you rather wish you hadn’t asked. :roll_eyes:

You can also try free Squeezer app that I installed in an old android phone at my sofa as a remote control as well as my current phone that I carry with me.

Nothing further to share since it just works 100% of the time especially when I wish to quickly check playback bitrate.


@MarkCole sounds interesting, if you are looking to improve on Roon, sound that is, not UI I understand. But how to make it work, is there more information about Material setup and use out here? Thanks