Squeeze Library Scan


I have a question about the Squeezeserver library.
I have scanned my library but many albums are not showing.
After scanning i select My Music:
Then for “genre” Jazz
and then Album Artist

  • Scroll until I find Diana Krall
    But i do not see any Diana Krall album?

Checked the ID tag of the albums and they all have for:
Genre: Jazz
Artist: Diana Krall
Album Artist: Diana Krall

What could be wrong or what did i do wrong?


Ensure all your music is where it should be, inside Storage/music

Also, when doing a Re-scan you have options

And scan from here

Hi Mark,

I tried that several times without succes.
Could it be a problem that I have created folders in the storage/music folder?

But then why do I see most of the albums?

I ran into exactly this. Look under K and you will find her.

Something changed not too long ago that is messing with the sort order. Note that Diana Krall is found under her last name. But other artists can be found under their first name.

Some parts of LMS are being automatically updated and it seems a bug was introduced maybe a month or so ago.

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Hi Kenny,

Unfortunately, no result under “K” either" :cry:

See if you have an Unknown Artist. You may find it there.

There is a scan log. Go to Settings, Library and scroll to the bottom to click View Previous Scan Details. At the bottom is Scanner Log File. Do another full scan and see if you can see an error pertaining to this album.

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Thx Kenny,

I will try .
Do i have to look inside the logfile for errors?

Just saying that the log can provide insight into why you don’t see the album.

I see some warnings.
But not a relation to an specific album.

For now, I moved the complete folder with all the music outside the “storage/music” folder.

Then I move the albums to the “storage/music” folder one by one.
Starting with the “Jazz/Diana Krall” folder.
And this works now i can see the albums!?
Next is to move the other folders until I get issues.

For my case, the album art shows up nicely for PCM file formats. However, all DSD file types will eventually take on the last folder.jpg file in the entire library. I’m hoping the next squeeze server update will rectify this issue.

On one of my devices, the logo for Genres is actually an album cover. I have found this to be a browser caching issue. Try restarting Squeeze server, then clear your browser cache.