Squeeze Master Quality with Tidal

When streaming Tidal through Squeeze (on S30/S40), and despite having Tidal Hifi Plus (which should be Master Quality), Squeeze displays that I have something in the order of 650-1050 kbps, 44.1kHz, FLAC, regardless of the quality that Tidal has available for streaming. Is this to be expected? or does this imply my settings are incorrect and throttling the stream somewhere? Any suggestions (using ‘streaming for dummies’ vocab) would be appreciated. Many thanks.

The kbps rate indicates the level of FLAC compression.
Do you have a MQA DAC?

Hi Mark, Nice of you to come back to me on a public holiday. I did not expect that.


My DAC would appear to support MQA from this website feature list statement. I use USB from the S30 to a new Gustard A26 DAC.

Although my thread might have been better placed on a different third party’s forum, I also see it might be a moot point now. I read that MQA is in now in administration…(and a lot of people are disparaging of the differences it ever made anyway). Perhaps I should be trialing Qobuz.

Yea, Squeeze is supposed to pass thru MQA to a MQA supported DAC, I have had limited success via Tidal, some tracks pass as MQA, some do not, havent got to the bottom of that, and honestly now, probably arent going to.