Squeeze player + roon player enabled at the same time?

is there any way to achieve this? in order to be able to transfer audio from one to the other and do an instant A/B

No is the answer, it’s only possible to have one player app enabled at a time.
Multiple servers but only one player.
Use the presets, create a Custom Pre-set for Spotify then it is just a matter of switching between the pre-sets.

would be cool if possible in future. it seems roon or squeeze + hq player works at the moment together so 2 are possible bow just not roon + squeeze

No, there is only one player app working at a time, with HQPlayer that is HQPlayer NAA.
For Roon+HQPlayer you are running HQPlayer Embedded + Roon Server and HQPlayer NAA.
For Roon+Squeeze you are running Roon Server and Squeezelite player.
Multiple servers, single player.
It is technically possible, but with the current archetecture not feasable, really its something we wont implement.

ok thx Mark

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What about two simultaneous digital outs, please, Mark?

Yes, if you have digital out selected, you can switch your DAC between say I2S and AES to play the track, or have 2 DACS set up,

Excellent, thanks.
I use USB out into the MSB fibre optic converter so I might need to muck around to use “digital output”

any chance of allowing spotify connect together with roon. my kids all use spotify and it’s crazy to have to buy another device to allow them to play music when i have a 30 grand server sitting here (

Two companies have to work together to make that happen, and neither of those are named Antipodes. Both Spotify and Roon have their own community forums. This is a topic that has been requested in both based on a search I just did.

i don’t think that’s correct at all. both work on the antipodes platform - but antipodes have chosen to not allow both to be enabled at the same time - i imagine for performance reasons. silly in my view as nobody would play both at the same time but by having them enabled it would cater for the whole family. i am now looking at offloading my oladra for this one single reason (

I’m not sure that any music servers allow two players simultaneously.
As mentioned above, the quickest way on Antipodes to get Spotify is accessing the Solution Dashboard and selecting a Pre-set for Spotify.
Squeeze had Spotify integration, however the 3rd party app has not been maintained, and is broken, we are working with the developer to get this un-broken.
Be sad to see you leave the Antipodes family tommytwotimes.

I was responding to you saying:

I took this to mean Roon integrated with Spotify, in the same way that Qobuz and Tidal are. My mistake.

The issue is that only one app should control the digital output at one time. The Player app governs what is sent to the DAC. Only one app should have exclusive access to the DAC and I believe this is true on every audiophile server. Most of Antipodes competitors are even more restrictive.

Also on Antipodes, the benefit from having a separate player is to reduce the activity to the lowest possible level to achieve the best sound quality. It’s a precision instrument - not a general purpose computer. Running multiple Player apps defeats its purpose for existing.

Roon is designed to cater to the entire family with its support for multiple profiles. Getting the kids up to speed on it seems like the best approach.

many speakers (including my D&D 8cs) allow you to play spotify and in a split second switch to roon. and the other way around. i don’t want to leave, but looks like convenience is going to win here

sorry maybe i wasn’t clear.

as for the technicalities i just don’t know its not my forte. as i said above there are many devices including speakers (Kef, burkhardt, dutch dutch etc) that allow you to switch from spotify to roon or vice versa in an instant with no issues. i can only imagine that each player in those cases has exclusive access to the dac although i dont know how they achieve it - i know antipodes are precision instruments but for me i dont want to pay absolute top dollar and have to compromise like this.

im afraid that trying to convince my 18yr old son to use roon is futile. his friends send him tracks on spotify, he wants to play spotify and lots of the tracks he likes arent on tidal or qobuz, anyway im not going into settings to choose another player every time he does, and back when i want roon.

its a shame but its seems that a sacrifice in quality is necessary to keep everyone in the house happy

Poor kid. When I was his age, I had to go out and buy the vinyl to hear music my friends recommended - and that I often couldn’t do because I couldn’t afford to. My how times have changed. :grinning:

I hope you are able to figure something out. Seems like it should be easy to create presets you can both use to change the player.

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hi Mark, another option i am thinking about is swapping my oladra for a k41 to use as just a roon server. then i can keep the family happy and let my 8cs auto switch instantly between roon/spotify/tv as users want without any web page fiddling with settings.

Q. how much of the antipodes secret sauce will i lose going this way?

There are 2 possible antipodes setups for me as i see it:

  1. oladra to my 8c speakers over AES - what i have now and it sounds great, but it doesnt work for the family
  2. K41 (or oladra) to my 8cs over ethernet with roon player endpoint on the speakers - i am testing this setup with the oladra now and it still sounds great!

Should a K41 get me close to the same config i have in no 2. above with the oladra?

thx Kenny, yes indeed, i too remember when all we had were cassette tapes and dads dusty vinyl collection. i think we have advanced backwards - unfortunately in my house i am outnumbered 4:1 so im lucky to even have a hifi at all!

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Just so I understand…
The 8c only auto switch on ethernet input?
Hence swapping between AES and ethernet gives another step by having to change input on the 8c?

So you don’t need to use Spotify on the OLADRA, got it.

After reading a bit, I see that the 8c has a automatic disconnect streaming feature that takes the input back to AES when streaming is paused/stopped.
Does it not auto switch back to ethernet? I guess this may have to be done in the D+D app.

The OLADRA server is better than the K41 server, however on par with the K50 server engine.
So still bloody good.

well no, the 8cs auto switch between wired input (1 x AES/XLR) and software inputs (roon/spotify which come via ethernet). whichever one you start playing - aes/xlr/roon/spotify - the 8cs will automatically switch to that source without any other user invention other than pressing play. so it doesnt really switch back to ethernet like you say, it just switches to the active source.

sounds like the best option for me might be to swap my oladra for a k41 then - is that something you can do or should i go back to my dealer?