Squeezelite bit rate

I do not know if this is the right place for this post but I noticed that when I use Squeezelite as a player that my DAC says it is always 16-48 whatever the incoming stream, so it is not bitperfect. Is this by design? It happens with Roon from K41 as well as Squeeze (Material)

What are you using as the endpoint, the K41 is acting as the server, what is the player? And source?

Pink Faun 2.16x USB and SPDIF outputs. Running on Euphony OS

Hi there, What you have said is that the sample rate is locked, no matter which software is in use, leads me to believe that the sample rate mapping in the Pink Faun needs to be tweaked.
May wish to reach out to Pink Faun tech assistance.
Antipodes do not use Euphony.

Thank you. Will reach out