SqueezePlayer not available at start

I have the following issue : when I start the S40, Squeeze Server will start, but not the player. I need to go and restart the player through the interface. When I do that, it can be seen immediately by iPeng or other apps. However, the sound is not working. I then need to go to the solution dashboard and change one setting. In general I change the DOP setting and then the sound starts.

Am I the only one with this behaviour ? Anyway to solve it ?


Hi David, are you using the S40 on its own?
And what’s your software version please.

Yes, just the S40 for Server and Player.
I just upgraded to 4.2. It was the same with 4.1


I’m happy to assist via remote access.
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I have three problems:
Indeed in a random way on my S30, at the end of a reading, the reader is not recognized anymore by squeeze. Most often the restart of squeeze is enough, but it happens that it is necessary to unplug the S30 and the S60. But this is not always enough. Solution either reinstall, or switch to uppnp or wait for the next day…

Then it happens for some time that the player stops and resumes playback at the beginning of the track.

Finally I am obliged from time to time, whether the S30 is still connected or not, to unplug the USB plug so that it is recognized by my Sugden DAC when I turn it on.

Sounds to me like the USB is loosing connection to the DAC.
Either thru cable or connection.
What is the DAC?
Please make an appointment for the team to check your unit via remote access.