SSD failure mode

The SSD in my PC died last week.
One day all way well, the next day it was toast.
It was no longer visible to the BIOS as a drive anymore and completely unrecoverable.

The moral of the story is to make sure your music library in your Antipodes is backed up to a backup drive, preferably two.

You have been warned, SSD’s do have a limited life.

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Hi this is very surprisingly considering that most of the drive activities should be read only? Do you get any abnormal signs or warnings before the actual failure?

Yes it is important to keep at least 2 backups of our precious data….

It was the SSD in my PC and I got no warnings, working perfectly one day, toast the next.
Take on board your comment about read only but the danger is still there compared to spinning drives which are still usable when sectors only go down.