SSD recommendation for new K models

Dear All,
I’m new in this forum and would like to kindly ask for recommendations before ordering SSDs for a K50.
I think Samsung 870 EVO SATA-based SSDs used to be recommended for CX Server but what is the current status?
Also, I was wondering if you noticed any sound/performance/reliability differences depending on the SSDs capacity? and, if yes, what would be the best option(s) considering best possible performance and at least 4TB capacity per SSD?
Many thanks in advance for your help and feedback.
With KR. Patrick.

Hi Patrick,

I purchased the Samsung 870 EVO 2TB SSD after much research. I have not compared it to other brands, but I am very please with the sounds being pushed out by the K50.

Ralph B

Hiya welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
We currently recommend Samsung QVO for reliability.

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Make sure you get the QVO 870 version.
There is a 8 TB max size.

Thanks All for your replies!!!
I will follow your advices and look for three QVO 870 SDDs.
With KR. Patrick.

Interesting, I thought that QVO are less reliable, than EVO. That is why they are cheaper. The longevity is definitely less with QVO.

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In the U.K & providing you’re quick the Samsung 870 QVO 4TB is currently still available on a Black Friday deal on Amazon. It’s a big saving too.

Correct… but mainly used as a read only in an Antipodes
Read write is a different situation…

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Very true that the intended usage has a big say in the reliability. I went with the EVO drives myself just because I have a very low tolerance for having my music server offline.

I needed one drive with 8TB, I had two 4TB EVO drives but was advised that two drives perhaps not the same in SQ…
I have yet to add a second drive QVO to find out but the newer version is more reliable.
And I have three back ups of the music just in case so space is more important to me.
May go down the PGGB route so will need as much storage as possible.

Hi everyone,
New member here with a K40 and with some questions regarding SSDs. Do you only install a second SSD when the first is full or can one be installed anytime? Noting that the K40 sees all drives as one Does it write to them sequentially or accross two seperate SSD’s if they are installed? Also does the K10 ripper stay connected when not in use?

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Any time. Adding drives expands the existing storage so it becomes a single logical drive.

Thanks for the reply Kenny, its good to know.

Sorry for slight OT but how do I remove an Sdd from K50. Do I have to remove the screws on top lid ?

An SSD removal tool has been provided by Antipodes. Have a look in your box.

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It’s a bit like delivering a baby…

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What solid state drive is recommended on the Antipodes K 50?

Refer to the existing thread for recommendations.

I recommend Samsung 860 PRO 4TB or similar. My experiences are very good. You also can take the EVO series.

Hard to find PRO’s these days so I ended up with EVO’s