Step by Step Guide to using Squeezelite with Roon

Hello All,

I am seeking a step-by-step guide to using Squeezelite with Roon. I have the iPeng app for iOS.

Approach your guidance as if I am a computer luddite (I’m not, but my computer experience is 99% in the Apple universe).

BTW…I found this Roon Support thread:

The first step is:

Step 1: The first thing you should do is turn off any LMS servers running on your network . Roon’s Squeezebox functionality works by emulating LMS–if LMS is running on your network, devices may find and associate with it, or become confused.

I have no idea what an LMS server is, let alone how to turn one on or off.

Thanks in advance.

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I am assuming you are familiar with opening My Antipodes on Antipodes Audio website to access Server and Player dashboards. Squeeze is the LMS designation.

  1. On the Server Dashboard, you select Roon and de-select Squeeze.
  2. On the Player Dashboard select Squeeze and select either USB, if you are using USB or Digital if SPDIF or AES/EBU. Configure DSD support per your DAC capabilities.
  3. Select Save for the Player Dashboard
  4. Open Roon on your computer desktop or per App (free download on Apple App Store.
  5. On Roon dashboard, go to Settings>Setup and toggle to Yes for Enable Squeezebox Support.

You now should be able to utilize Roon Server with Squeeze (LMS) player. If still not playing, you may want to restart Roon Server on the Server Dashboard.


Thank you, @worknprogress, that was very helpful.

I would add one step I discovered:
6. On Roon dashboard, go to Settings>Audio then Enable & Select Squeezebox as the Audio Device.

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Thanks very much for all your explanation I have been looking and waiting for this for a year and had so many problems but yet nobody could help me this is been very helpful like a torch in the dark thank you so much keep up the good work