Step by Step Guide to using Squeezelite with Roon

Hello All,

I am seeking a step-by-step guide to using Squeezelite with Roon. I have the iPeng app for iOS.

Approach your guidance as if I am a computer luddite (I’m not, but my computer experience is 99% in the Apple universe).

BTW…I found this Roon Support thread:

The first step is:

Step 1: The first thing you should do is turn off any LMS servers running on your network . Roon’s Squeezebox functionality works by emulating LMS–if LMS is running on your network, devices may find and associate with it, or become confused.

I have no idea what an LMS server is, let alone how to turn one on or off.

Thanks in advance.

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I am assuming you are familiar with opening My Antipodes on Antipodes Audio website to access Server and Player dashboards. Squeeze is the LMS designation.

  1. On the Server Dashboard, you select Roon and de-select Squeeze.
  2. On the Player Dashboard select Squeeze and select either USB, if you are using USB or Digital if SPDIF or AES/EBU. Configure DSD support per your DAC capabilities.
  3. Select Save for the Player Dashboard
  4. Open Roon on your computer desktop or per App (free download on Apple App Store.
  5. On Roon dashboard, go to Settings>Setup and toggle to Yes for Enable Squeezebox Support.

You now should be able to utilize Roon Server with Squeeze (LMS) player. If still not playing, you may want to restart Roon Server on the Server Dashboard.


Thank you, @worknprogress, that was very helpful.

I would add one step I discovered:
6. On Roon dashboard, go to Settings>Audio then Enable & Select Squeezebox as the Audio Device.


Thanks very much for all your explanation I have been looking and waiting for this for a year and had so many problems but yet nobody could help me this is been very helpful like a torch in the dark thank you so much keep up the good work


I apologize for bringing this issue back to the surface, but I have been having this issue as well since 2.8. I am currently using the CX/EX stack.
I have followed this instructions above and still have not worked. I wanted to wait until you were less busy with the upgrades. I am currently using 3.1.2 and can use Roon Server to Roon perfectly, but unable to do Roon Server to Squeezelite or even Squeeze to Squeezelite. The Audio setting in Roon Server tries to search for Squeezelite infinitely, even though I have the EX set to Squeezelite player. Thank you so much for any advice and support that you or others can give.

In the settings for Squeezelite in the Player Dashboard, click on the COG for Squeeze, ensure that the preferred server is set to CX, or whatever the name is of the CX.
Also ensure Squeeze support is enabled in Roon.
If you require remote support please look at the instructions here…

And book an appointment here…

I get dropouts using Squeezelite with Roon. Any suggestions?

I’m pretty late to this party, but just letting you know that this solution worked when I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t let me change my EX to Squeeze player. Having said this, I’m not sure I prefer the sound, it is a little clearer in the treble, but a little less substantial in mid-range and bass

I have found that I may need to restart my end point running squeezelite (Sonore UltraRendu)to have Roon “see” it. On the sound quality I agree with the last post that Roon is a bit more rounded and SqueezeLite more lean especially in the bass.

@DrPo I think I would call the Roon presentation smeared in the bass and that Squeezelite is more transparent. Using Squeeze for the server instead of Roon takes the sound quality to an even more transparent level. The Squeeze/Squeezelite combination is worth a try if one has not already tried it.

I could add a YMMV rider but I have compared it so many times that I don’t think there is any doubt. The only advantage of using Roon server is the user interface.

Yes but it is a HUGE differentiator… I cannot live with the iPeng interface…

I just run a comparison using Supertramp’s 196k Qobuz “School” version. It’s true that the bass is quite more punchy with Squeeze Server+Endpoint… Beats me how a technology not further developed in 10 years has the edge… and so much for the “bits is bits” argument…

To me the Roon interface is a bit of a gimmick, or at least has that status/impact on my listening pleasure. I tend to just load an album or play list then just sit back and listen to that knowing I have the best sound quality. It would irk me to spend £17.5k on a K50 and then spoil the sound quality by using Roon.

Maybe sometimes the simple way is the best. People mention the constant Roon to Roon mothership chatter back and forth and maybe that has something to do with it or maybe Roon is happy that its sound quality is good enough that most people do not notice or maybe they just can’t achieve better sound quality and also incorporate all the add on bits that come with Roon.

Anyway, whatever the reason I am happy to do without Roon despite owning a lifetime subscription. I would rather have the better sound.

PS. People cite Roon Radio as being one reason why they would not want to give up Roon but I am enjoying the feature incorporated in Material where it plays random tracks from my own locally stored music files. This is a good way of reminding me that I have a huge amount of great music on my K50. It very rarely picks any duff music when the feature kicks in at the end of the Queue.

I much prefer to use Roon server because of the convenience & I absolutely love the feature set. I originally found Roon server with Squeeze player to have a hard acerbic edge though (particularly with piano) & it drove me absolutely nuts.

Turning off, or simply not turning on all of the superfluous features such as background analysis etc helped a little, but the biggest improvement came with turning off the use Flac compression in the advanced settings of player set-up (only applicable when using Squeeze player). The difference with that default (& slightly hidden) setting being turned off compared to what I was hearing previously, was like the difference between night & day. I’m now more than happy with the results I’m getting.

I occasionally still do a quick comparison between the Roon & Squeeze player, but so far Roon player hasn’t even come close. But as for using other alternatives in place of Roon server? No thanks, I’m good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Roon server. Hqplayer engine ticks my boxes. MPD for ultimate sound quality and good metadata. I’m a techie and Squeeze server settings especially C-3PO leave me questioning bit perfect. ymmv

@Chilli - Just a quick thanks for the tip regarding Roon server with Squeeze player. My ears much prefer this setup and, with your tip to turn off the FLAC compression I also hear a notable improvement. For my system the highs seem more ‘smooth and delicate’, and perhaps even a bit more extended than before. Thanks for sharing!

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I think it is worth emphasising that the MPD implementation you are able to use with your Antipodes devices is not available to K50 and other users. There is no doubt in my mind that MPD on a K50 sounds worse, or lets just say not as good, as Squeeze + Squeezelite.

Regarding the C3PO plugin for Squeeze, this only needs to be used if one wishes to play hi res files such as 705 / 726 kHz PPGB upsampled files. And even if C3PO is used it can be configured to ensure it does not resample. But the proof is in the pudding and to my ears even with the C3PO plugin enabled Squeeze / Squeezelite sounds better than MPD on the K50.

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Hi Nick,

It is available to all users of CX, EX, S series and new K separates. Only K30, K50 need software mods.

But from a K50 owner point of view that is an issue and I think it is worth clarifying that your comments on MPD are not valid for the K30, K50 and probably not for the new Oladra.