Stereophile OLADRA Review July 2023

Stereophile OLADRA Review July 2023 - Makes Glorious Music

“I felt I’d never heard sound so open, warm, smooth maximally colored and musical thru my system”

“When soprano Carolyn Simpson began singing, heavens gates opened before me. I sat spellbound at the glorious sound of one of Mozart’s early acts of genius”


Congratulations on a great review!

I haven’t been able to find it online yet…who is the author of the review?

The review has yet to be posted online at Stereophile.
Reviewer is Jason Victor Serinus.
It is in digital form available here…

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That’s great news, and great visibility for Antipodes.

I like his reviews because he is someone who is both very knowledgeable about music and really appreciates listening to it. Kind of what it should always be about.

I used to subscribe (big admirer of John Atkinson, too)…may be time to resubscribe.


The review is now online at Stereophile.


Thanks @worknprogress edited initial post :+1::sunglasses::pray: