Store files on EX in a EX/CX combo setup


Does anyone know if you can store music on the EX in a classic EX/CX setup where the EX is player only? And include them in the CX library of course ? This would be useful if the CX SSD bays are full.

Did anyone manage to do this ?

I don’t know that you can combine libraries on CX and EX as a single logical library outside of the apps. However you can certainly access the libraries on both servers from a single Roon or Squeeze server. Roon presents as a single library .
In Squeeze use the Remote Music Libraries setting. I don’t know, however, if this works with the Material interface. It does with the Default interface:

The two libraries are not combined as in Roon.

I have done this with my K30 and an EX. I can’t remember all the steps but it was done with the File Manager and the Include function.

This isn’t a good way of handling the Storage, storing on a EX, sending to CX, then playing via EX.
You are on your own here, we don’t support this

Hi Mark and thanks for the clarity!

I shall then refrain from this option and rather look for a bigger SSD.

Many thanks and best regards

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