Streaming Native DSD with via Squeeze

Is it possible to play native DSD via the latest version of squeeze or will it only play it in DOP

Squeeze will play Native, assuming your DAC can handle Native, you must change the DSD Handling in the Solution Dashboard

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I have changed to that setting, but it won’t play my DSF files. Do I need to change any setting on squeeze ??

The other issue is my DSF files are SACDS that were loaded on a hard drive. I assume using earlier
share-ware. I wonder if that is the reason it will not play in native DSD

These must be individual DSF files and not a single ISO extracted from an SACD. Which do you have?

they are all single DSF files

Does your DAC actually support native DSD? Do the files play with DSD handling set to DoP? And be sure to disable the C-3PO plug-in.