Stuttering whilst playing HQPlayer4 Desktop + Unable to Install HQPlayer Version 4.0.2

Hi guys
I have an Antipodes DX3. I am struggling to play a stutter free HQplayer DSD stream on the installed HQPlayer 3.5.6. There is also a v4.0.2 which has solved this issue for some people from what I can see. The issue for me is that whilst this shows in the available apps but antipodes gives the following error. Any ideas / solutions? I was very happy with the sonics of antipodes having bought both the dx1 and then upgraded to dx3 … until this issue occured. Any thoughts?

Package install in progress…
06/17/2022 23:13:59 - Installing package hqplayerd (this can take some time)…
06/17/2022 23:13:59 - Installing HQPlayer (hqplayerd).
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/etc/hqplayer’: File exists
Last metadata expiration check performed 0:00:00 ago on Fri Jun 17 23:14:04 2022.
No package hqplayerd available.
Error: no package matched: hqplayerd
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Also what is the olandra upgrade. I just recently started back into audio and seemed to have missed a bit. Have sent an inquiry. I have come across some people being able to install roon core but that option isnt available to me, im guessing these guys would have had an upgrade (whether or whether not related to the olandra)


welcome to the forums, saw your other K50 thread, I own a K50 myself, though I am unable to comment on if adding it would be worthwhile to you in your system, my K50 in my system does not impose any digital harshness at all

What software is running on the DX?