Suggestions for NAS Storage

In the back-up to USB thread I mentioned that we use Synology NAS devices here at Antipodes Audio, both in the office/factory and at home.

Using an online storage facility, adds so much ease of use to your music library.

There are many Synology models and which one to choose would likely depend on the size of your music library.

But one compelling offer is the DS420J (now being replaced by the DS420+) the DS420J with 4x 4TB Western Digital Red HDD’s giving 12TB useable storage, can be had for $1300 NZD, approx $1000 USD.

Considering how much audiophiles spend on hi-fi, this expenditure seems minimal for peace of mind back-ups and access to our golden nest-egg our music files.

What do Antipodes owners use for storage? Is there a better way than a NAS? Let us know.

I use a Synology DS1515+. This is a 2015 model but still serves my purposes exceptionally well.

The really strong argument for a NAS is that a drive can fail and yet it keeps running. I’ve had a few fail over the years. The replacement drive can be swapped in without even shutting it down (hot swap capability).

I also back up my NAS to external USB drives.

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In the suggestion above would you recommend the DS420+ to be used solely as as a back-up NAS, or can It also be used as storage (once the 3 SSD drives have been all used up on the K40)?

It can be used as both, helped by the SSD caching.
I use a DS1218+ from 2013 and works perfectly, most all Synology devices are more powerful than that theses days :slight_smile:
We would say however that your Antipodes server would always sound best when streaming from its internal storage.

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Thanks for the super quick reply :+1:

Which HDD’s would you recommend to use for the DS420+ (you mention Western Digital Red HDD’s in the first post, is that still your recommendation?)

Yes, I have always found Western Digital to be the best, however the Seagate Ironwolf would also be a good choice.

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The WD Red Plus drives have worked well for me. I’d choose those over the WD Red drives. See the following for an explanation of the differences.

There is also a Red Pro. This is their enterprise grade drive that will get longer life. I think it has a longer warranty too. For my purposes, I couldn’t justify their higher cost.

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