Synergistic Research fuse for K22

Hi all,
I have a set-up that consists of a K41 and K22 system. I have 2 SR P{urple Fuses in the K41 and I am quite pleased with that. Does anyone have any experience with similar fuses in the K22? What would be the specs for the fuse?

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I had before 2 Orange fuses from Synergistic Research. Couple of months ago I tested these ones from Aliexpress:

They are amazing!. I sold the Orange fuses on the next day.
On K50 I needed 3.5A fuses.

A reminder that all Antipodes Audio G4 Music Servers have no inter-changeable fuses.

Hi Mark, do you mean that the purple fuse I would have in an existing G3 K41 would not work anymore when upgraded to G4 or that I can not exchange these fuses between the different models?

There are no interchangeable fuses in G4 models.
There is nowhere to put them.