The CX, the Ex and the Ethernet cable

When I first picked up the CX and EX a coupe of years back, after buying “relatively decent” cables to and from the units, my budget limited me to a “get you going” ethernet cable linking the CX and EX

In looking for experiences here, would using an sotm dcbl cat 7 between the 2 units have any sonic benefits? I only mentioned the sotm as i have one from the switch to the CX

any other experiences would be welcome


Hi! My dealer hooked me up with Nordost Heimdall Ethernet cables and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had no desire for anything more. My system’s full cable loom is Nordost though, and there are definite synergies among that approach with Nordost (vs mixing and matching with other brands).

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Totally agree with the Synergy thing. Got rid of my Nordost interconnects [Tyr 2] and went all Chord.

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The cat7 design has the ground connected to the router. In general this doesn’t seem to be the right way to go. I dont know if Your Antipodes is then physically connected with the ground to the “dirty” router.
Maybe cat6 would be better. I now use an old 15m long cat5E wire and the router is not close to the audio equipment.
I’m thinking of putting the router behind the netfilter in stead of the preamp. Better have clean current and not dampen everything to death.