Tidal Connect coming soon?

I notices the 3.13 upgrade ( which was seamless ) has added Spotify Connect .
Will Tidal Connect arrive anytime in future ?

Pretty sure the Spotify connect was there before

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Ah , you may be right .
I’ve never used it so never noticed it before .

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@MarkCole i just tried to play tidal via shareport from my mac to k50, and i am pretty sure it sound slightly better than roon . This makes me wonder, is there any plans to introduce Tidal connect support on future firmware ?

Tidal Connect is on radar, but introduction to the Antipodes suite has no timeline currently.
Have you tried Tidal or Qobuz thru Squeeze?

Yes i have. Weirdly roon sounds slightly more alive than on squeeze server and player on my system.
But tidal connect sounds slightly better than roon. It doesn’t make sense to me. Lol.