Tidal Connect coming soon?

I notices the 3.13 upgrade ( which was seamless ) has added Spotify Connect .
Will Tidal Connect arrive anytime in future ?

Pretty sure the Spotify connect was there before

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Ah , you may be right .
I’ve never used it so never noticed it before .

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@MarkCole i just tried to play tidal via shareport from my mac to k50, and i am pretty sure it sound slightly better than roon . This makes me wonder, is there any plans to introduce Tidal connect support on future firmware ?

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Tidal Connect is on radar, but introduction to the Antipodes suite has no timeline currently.
Have you tried Tidal or Qobuz thru Squeeze?

Yes i have. Weirdly roon sounds slightly more alive than on squeeze server and player on my system.
But tidal connect sounds slightly better than roon. It doesn’t make sense to me. Lol.

Hello, it’s been a long time since this request. Something new?

Still on radar, but no ETA.
Honestly, we have many projects on the go, and this one is a bit down the list.

I understand that they have another agenda of priorities. but it’s a pity.

The use of the native applications of each platform brings many advantages of convenience and saving unnecessary expenses of third-party applications.

Discovering music on Spotify is unbeatable. The algorithms for discovering music are very well designed. Roon isn’t even close and Tidal is close.

With all due respect, but I think implementing the Tidal/Qobuz Connect options (when it comes out) should be a priority for any server or streamer manufacturer.

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Could you please list some of these upcoming projects for us ?

Another vote for Tidal Connect :grin:

For me, its a ‘race’ between Spotify going 'HiFi in NZ …if ever… and getting Tidal Connect on the Antipodes.

Ill keep which comes first. Which probably means ill be keeping both for some time.:thinking:

And @MarkCole I have no idea whether it is even possible or if it is something Antipodes can do but I would go for a more integrated and seemless integration of Qobuz into the Squeeze interface please. It is very clunky at the moment. Thanks.

Yes, my vote is for Qobuz over Tidal.

We understand that Qobuz and Tidal native apps are appealing, but the integration is not quite as simple as it may seem on the face of it.
Just tacking it on like Spotify Connect is now, isn’t the way forward from a sound quality perspective.
We are working on a comprehensive suite and we want to do it right, we also want it to sound right, and integrate properly, software takes time, and we are going as fast as we can right now, this project is quite huge, and is going to take some time to implement.

Understand that the current Tidal and Qobuz integrations into Squeeze could do with some work, we are tied to the current plug-in structure and developers of those plug-ins, however the above project should address this moving forward.

So, long story short, working on it, when…cant say, will it be worth the wait…YES


Just tacking it on like Spotify Connect is now, isn’t the way forward from a sound quality perspective

Is tacking Tidal on perhaps a reasonable interim step?
I mean, “tacking it on” actually does sound like a simple thing to do :laughing:

Adding it now when there is a better solution later is just a waste of our developer’s time, as it isn’t easy.

Using Spotify inside of Squeeze, should potentially give better sound than using the Connect App in the Player Dashboard. The reason for this is that it is using the server and then the player, using the app in the player dashboard, just runs on the player.