Tidal on Squeeze

Hi There,
I have been using Squeeze server and player on S30/S60 playing local audio files and so far so good.
Now, how do I stream Tidal?
I tried Tidal Set Up option in SqueezeLite Settings; It asked for mysqueezebox login, so I created account and password.
So what do I do next?

any advice would be much appreciated.


On my previous Innuos server, mysqueezebox was used - so I assume the procedure is the same.

Log into mysqueezebox.com and then go to the App Gallery. Tidal is one of the options. Click to install this and you will be prompted to log into Tidal. Then just ensure that your Antipodes server can sign into your mysqueezebox.com account and you should be good to go.

I use Qobuz but the setup should be the same.

  1. On Server Dashboard enable Squeeze
  2. Launch Squeeze, which will take you into the Antipodes Squeeze app
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select TIDAL Setup, which will take you to a Squeeze credentials screen. I believe from there it should be self explanatory.
  5. On the player dashboard select Squeeze as your player.
  6. After setup TIDAL should show up as one of your apps in the Antipodes Squeeze app

Attached are some screenshots from my iPhone


Thank you kennyb123 and Greg.
I had another go at it using your instructions and looks like I am getting closer but not quite there as yet.

Installed Tidal app in mysqueezebox:

Signed in to mysqueezebox in Antipodes Tidal set up:

Still no trace of Tidal in Antipodes squeeze. I logged in and out, refrashed and reloaded, but no luck. By the way Qobuz has always been there in apps without any additional set up steps.

Just a desperate thought: on mysqueezebox website in Player tub it shows - No players registered. Could this be causing the problem

Now is an opportune time for a bit of whinging pleading_face:: oh boy how I miss those days when I just used to buy a tape/vinyl, put it in/on equipment and just pushed the button.

Never mind though, I shall percevere.

Try logging in and out of mysqueezebox on the Antipodes setup page. I dumped Tidal earlier this year so just taking a shot in the dark.

Yes, tried logging in and out of mysqueezebox in Antipodes but no luck.
I found below plugin.tidal Error in Settings/Logging/Advance Log Settings, I wonder if it has something to do with it.
I am gonna fiddle around with it a bit more, however it doesn’t look good.
I suppose I could try 1 ON 1 HELP support option.
Thank you guys for your time and efforts.


Sorry you can’t get it going. When I was subscribed to TIDAL I’m pretty sure I was able to access it in Squeeze, but that was back when I was on AMSV2 with my DX. I would get ahold of @MarkCole, I’m sure he can help you get it going. While you’re at it you might encourage him to get the Squeeze Guide added, which would simplify the process for others down the line.

Thank you Greg,

I’ll do as you advice first thing in 2022.
Although I am kind of bemused as I would expect that connecting to Tidal (one of the main players in HIFI audio streaming) should be fairly straightforward and effortless and should not involve exclusive technical support

“Straightforward and effortless” is only possible when the provider aims to make it so.

Tidal has caused headaches for a number of platforms. They haven’t made authentication easy and had a number of times in the past pushed changes suddenly that left users unable to log in. I know this was the case when I had an Innuos server as Innous had to push a couple hotfixes for Squeeze to get things working again. There were also a number of occasions where even Roon couldn’t authenticate me into Tidal. Lastly, I think Taiko reported difficulty in getting Tidal working with their TAS application.

By contrast, Qobuz has made it straightforward and effortless. Note that there’s no need to log into mysqueezebox to get connected to Qobuz. Not too long ago Tidal login from Squeeze was just as simple, but they shut down that method of access.

This is a search of “can’t log into Tidal” to prove my point:


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Try in your mysqueezebox account:
Next to Tidal account login (on the right) there is a button ‘Player’. Here I connected to my EX player. Perhaps that works.

Screenshot will follow in next reply.

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You might try:

  1. Disable the Tidal plugin and Save Settings.
  2. Restart Squeezebox Server.
  3. Re-enable Tidal plugin and Save Settings.
  4. Restart Squeezebox Server

Then see if Tidal now shows under Apps.

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Agreed, you make a fair point.
It just makes you wonder why companies would make life of their customers more miserable.
By the way the only place I found Tidal accessible is by clicking … (more) button in My Music/Album Artists/(album) - picture below
Not sure if it uses my specific credentials to connect or just shows me free samples of songs (former must be the case because nothing comes up when I click Spotify or Qobuz)
After sampling number of records I was surprised to find out that my Apple AAC/MP4 songs on Antipodes local storage sounded noticeably better ( I just don’t want to use word considerably, although I am tempted to). The only explanation I can think of is possible advantage of local file against download version.

If I were to give Tidal the benefit of the doubt, I’d say they were trying to better secure their backend services. That Tidal plugin on mysqueezebox likely offers a more secure means of authentication than what LMS can provide.

I believe that LMS is now open source software. As such it may not be going through the same security hardening that it would get if it was a commercial package. If malicious actors were able to breach a large installation of LMS and gather Tidal logins, they might be able to use those to access our payment details. That risk may be lowered by having Tidal login handled by mysqueezebox.

This is spot on.
Tidal changed the way that they handled security.
As kennyb123 says, Squeeze is open source, so some nice person out in internet land came up with a way to have Tidal intergrated into Squeeze, hence the use of mysqueezebox.com
Qobuz on the other hand do not have this security requirement and log in is handled directly in Squeeze.
The software we supply on Antipodes Servers is not Antipodes, altho we have moved to an Antipodes skin on Squeeze, we supply a server with a number of 3rd party apps, it’s not like we have control on how these apps work.

I was hoping to see my player there but in my case it is empty

Thank you everyone for your time and suggestions.

I keep most of my audios on Antipodes storage. I just thought to have streaming option as well just to supplement.
I am gonna drop Tidal
I reckon connecting with Apple Music will be even more of a riddle if possible at all, although I would have preferred it because of the huge catalogue and latest availability of lossless.
So I think I’ll go with Spotify; looks like it will be much easier to set up in Antipodes.
Don’t have experience with Qobuz, I wouldn’t doubt their audio quality but not sure about the depth of their catalogue

Cheers everyone and let’s hope 2022 will be at least more forgiving

It really should be possible to figure out what the problem is with your Tidal->Squeezebox Server.

The fact that you are able to see Tidal in mysqueezebox.com confirms you are in a country where Tidal is supported.

I assume you have a current Tidal premium subscription? Also, that in Squeezebox server settings that you have entered your mysqueezebox.com login and password, correctly?

Occasionally it can be a bit of a mission establishing the Tidal connection, but it is possible for support to check logs etc. to see where the problem might be.