Unused Inputs on the K50

Triggered by a discussion in the PSaudio forum about terminating unused inputs like USB, I2S.
I have a feeling this is also the case with the Antipodes K50.
It’s strange, but when I connect the P1 to the K50, it affects the SQ (increase SQ in my case).
Maybe I’m going crazy.

The K50 has only one input (ethernet). The rest are outputs. Not sure what they meant by “terminating”, but if they mean “shorting”, I would advise caution with outputs.

Hi Kenny, don’t worry.
In my case the both “ripper” USB ports are terminated with the P1 usb connection.
But what they actually say is that when the data lines float they can affect the electronics internally.
Which results in more noise.
On my PSaudio DAC, I terminated the I2S and USB (data lines), which result in a darker background.
(it disables de activities from the I2S and USB port).

When I connected the P1 to the K50 to rip a CD it gave a similar effect.
So now I leave the P1 connected.