Update from AMSv3.13 to v4

I’m making my first steps in the Antipodes world as I just a S40 second-hand. The machine came with 3.13 installed. When I first started it, it asked me to upgrade to V4.1 which I did and let it go until it told me to reboot. I rebooted, even disconnected power to be sure but the S40 stills shows version 3.13 and I don’t have the new interface.
Did I miss something ? Can I force a new upgrade process ?

BTW : It’s running on LMS right now and wow… I can say I love it !


You should leave the S40 on overnight, you need to get to v3.14, prior to moving to AMSv4

Thanks Mark, will do and let you know…

3.14 version was proposed to installation today as you said.
I will now wait to v4 to be proposed. Or is there another way to initiate the update ?


No, just wait over night.
Once updated to v4.0, the v4.1 update will be immediately available.

I’m done… it updated to 4.1. That also solved the issue with the red light keeping flashing during standby.
All is good !

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