Update on AMS software suite

I believe you are working on a new / better interface. Is there anything Antipodes could share with us about progress?

Hi there, yes we are continuing to work on the new AMS software, AMSv5.
Testing and bug fixes continue.
I’m always hesitant to give an ETA on software as there is always something that needs to be done, however, we anticipate that the release will be available this side of Christmas.


Would be a nice present for under the Christmas tree😊

Yes, it would, however, I have just been advised by the tech team, that due to the proximity of Xmas and the holiday period, they have made the decision to release AMSv5.0 towards the end of January.

This is a pragmatic decision, we want everyone to have AMSv5 ASAP, but we also want to be able to support our user base adequately through the transition.

Hopefully, everyone understands our reasoning, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.


Smart. I always try to convince my leadership to not ship big releases during the holiday months. They’ve tended not to listen.


would be happy to beta test if you need - and point out improvements of course!

with the news that roon has just been sold having a competent alternative is more important than ever

Appreciate the offer, we are a long way down the track, with final tweaking under the hood currently underway, expect full release in the new year


In the meantime, according to the Roon newsletter, they are releasing a major update to their software sometime very soon which significantly changes how it functions. Is this release compatible with the current AMS software v4.40 (running on a K50 gen2)? If not, should we avoid updating until we get the OK from you?

I believe this is for Windows and Mac users, and separates out how Roon server works, we already have this in Linux

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