Updating from 2.7 to 2.9 for DX Server


I’ve just acquired a second-hand DX server. It currently is on 2.7, but the software updater says 2.9 is the latest.

So I execute the update, says that it runs completely, then tells me to reboot.

I reboot it, but afterwards it still says it is on 2.7.

Second question. Roon Server. It is operating an older version. I go to the Roon app to find the core.

I found it (see image) but then when I click connect it just runs and runs…

Any assistance is appreciated.

If I recall correctly, 2.9 wasn’t released to Antipodes servers. Devices from a few other brands share the underlying code base. Your best bet is to schedule a support session to have them bring your DX to the newest version that will run on your device.

The DX is getting old in the tooth so I wonder if you are just running up against that. A support session will help to ensure it’s running optimally.

Yeah, that might be right about the firmware on this. Was it code from Sonore? It looks like what is on my old ultrarendu, which went to 2.8 but I think with an SD card being sent out.

I’ve solved my Roon setup. I actually deleted and reinstalled the app. Then it would allow an update to run.

Got USB output working from the DX too! A bit pointless in that my amp (Hegel H390) can get Roon over network as it is an endpoint. But it does allow some direct A/B comparisons :slightly_smiling_face:

The DX requires a support session to bring up to the latest AMSv4.1 software, this is not user updateable.

Thanks Mark. I’ve got a session booked for Fri.