Upgrade an Antipodes CX


I am a happy owner of a CX that I use as a server/player in my system

I use Roon/Squeeze because I consider it ideal between managing the music and sound library.

In the future I do not rule out improving but without reaching the “Top” levels of antipodes (OLADRA G4, K50 G4 and company…)

How could it improve with a not too large financial investment?

Obviously it must be a clear improvement

Thank you so much

There are a few things I have found beneficial.

  • Power Cable
  • Telos Macro Q USB
  • Synergistic Research Tranquility POD
  • Grounding
  • Fuses
  • Footers
  • Caps on all the unused inlets

Thank you very much for the reply

Could you tell me which Power Cord you use?
I use Zavfino The Majestic (less than €200) and I also tried the groneberg quattro reference (less than €200)

I have the HiFi Tunning Supreme fuses

The RCA Caps, are you referring to that?

Thank you

I use

  • Power Cable - Synergistic Research Atmosphere UEF Level 3
  • Telos Macro Q USB
  • Synergistic Research Tranquility POD

There are many options for
Grounding, Fuses, Footers

Caps - Audioquest USB, HDMI

RJ45 cap would be worthwhile if not using both RJ45 ports. AqVox has a good one, but QsA might have something better.

Hi Jorge, Get an used ex to use it as a dedicated low power and low noise player with nice used Audioquest Vodka ethernet … forget about tweaks like powercord, usb regenerator, audiophile fuses etc.

An ex+cx was Antipode’s statement product and used ones are much cheaper now and dun worry if it is oladra upgraded or not.


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Cheaply as in equivalent to the used price for an EX today ?

Sorry … edited the poorly constructed sentence.

I believe owners of oladra upgraded cx and ex will not sell them at prices near stock cx or ex as the the usd2000 upgrade cost each is almost the cost of a used stock cx or ex seen locally.

Hence mentioned that it will be fine with a non upgraded ex as an great upgrade option.


Check out ‘ANTIPODES EX MUSIC SERVER STREAMER’, available at S$2,800 on #Carousell: https://carousell.app.link/rs67Nt8LXIb

I’m the seller for the above EX. This is my second set used in my dining room setup. I’m still using the CX + EX in my main setup. Anyone can message me for a discussion if interested. :slight_smile: I still have the original (big) packaging box for shipping.

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Thanks for your answer

On the subject of CX+EX, is there a big difference in sound? Is it so important to separate the server and player processes?

The resource consumption of the CX is very low when I play music

On the other hand, I understand that the sound profile of the EX is different from the CX.

Obviously if it is an improvement, buying an EX is, in any case, much cheaper than other current options

Hey Jorge, I am not one who can share empirical value of improvement e.g. arbitrary 10%-50% as it is subjective and system dependent but as you are aware and mentioned, cx and ex stack was Antipodes’s statement product. I would just say that having added ex is a notable improvement in my system and I will not want to give it up despite 2x price + a bit more for an ethernet RJ45 cable. Cheers.

Disclaimer: I do not know ex seller in Singapore where I resides and only happened to chance on it

A separate player/streamer is worthwhile and it could be integrated into a DAC. Low cost options include ifi Zen Stream which can do NAA for HQPlayer. I’d say the Telos MacroQ is better value than a separate player. After that, power cords and value and then probably improve the network/ethernet starting with cables.

Chiming in as an owner of an Oladra upgraded CX & EX. I found the difference in my setup to be significant and well worth the cost. Very satisfied with the upgrade. I’m not sure if Antipodes is still offering this for the CX & EX though. If that is a consideration, best to check the upgrades page or contact Antipodes to confirm options

The upgrades for CX and EX have now finished.

Thank you

In any case, I understand that including a second-hand EX (with or without Oladra) would already be an increase in sound quality.

I think the CX alone makes me enjoy music. For what it’s worth, I have an Ayre QB9 updated to version Twenty (great update by Ayre)

Hi Jorge. I’m also using the Ayre QB-9 Twenty with my CX / EX. I did have an Antipodes CORE originally as a stand alone server / player and when I added the EX to the mix it was truly a revelation… I then later upgraded from my CORE to an (Oladra) CX which was a significantly greater improvement. Granted, at that time I had also upgraded my EX to the Oladra spec which factors into the level of improvement. Regardless, separating the server and renderer duties between a CX & EX should be a big step up vs using the CX alone.

Wanted to flag for you in case you are intending to use Native DSD upsampling via Roon or HQPlayer with your QB-9 and your Antipodes gear: AMSv5 does not allow for the DSD aspect to work with our Ayre gear. The Antipodes team has flushed this out and is awaiting a Fedora update for that to be re-enabled. I patiently await this as the DSD upsampling offers a far better sound in my setup.