Upgrade K50 with new Reclocker board

I own a k50 with the HDMI (Only) I2S output. I heard that since then antipodes has upgraded the reclocker board with a better over control clock . could I ask if this sounds better than the original ? if yes is it possible to upgrade to this new reclocker board ?

When we upgraded the K50 during COVID, due to parts availability, we added the OCXO re-clocker, increased the RAM, updated the power supply, and increased the price.
The answer is, YES, the later version sounds better.
Any upgrade of the original K50 will require a memory upgrade, a power supply upgrade a new re-clocker along with a new case to accommodate this.
Antipodes Audio has a long history of offering upgrades, we are not about to change how we operate, it is one of the reasons for buying Antipodes.
The ability to upgrade the original K50 to current spec will become available in the not-too-distant future, watch this space.


How will existing K50 warranty be affected should owner wish to upgrade?

All upgrades come with a new warranty, so that’s a new 3 Year Warranty from the date of upgrade.

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could someone who has this new board post a picture of the insides of their k50 ? just curious

Could you post a picture of the 2 backs of the K50 to tell the difference between the 1st and revised model 2 —Not sure which one I own — bought in January of 2022

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This is all you’ll need for identification… The later unit is the one with the additional outputs.


Thanks for the pictures and giving me the good news — I have the one with the additional output. ( The bottom photo )