Upgrade path from S series


I have an S30 and S60 … and enjoy them a lot. Is it possible (and a good option) for them to be part of an upgrade into the K series? E.g. adding a K21 as an upgrade player or the K41 as an upgrade server in conjunction with the S30? Is the S60 compatible and helpful as a power supply for either of these?

Hi there @Artoly
The logical addition to a S30+S60 combo is a S40, the S40 would take over server duties freeing up the S30 for a player only role.
Both the S40 and S30 are able to be powered from a S60, it was designed with this in mind.
There is no doubting that adding a K41 would be a step up in performance, as this is the server section of the K50, as such has its own power supply, in this config the S30 would be powered by the S60 and the K41 by its internal.
I would not consider a K21 as an option, tho totally do-able, I would focus on the two dedicated servers I mention, S40 or K41.
Hope that is of help :slight_smile:

Hi Artoly, I recently acquired an S30 ( from the always excellent Elite Audio) to partner my S40/ S60 .

I was content with my S40 / S60 but adding the S30 is definitely night and day . To my ears it’s a bigger difference than when I added the S60 .

If and when you can , do it .
You won’t regret it .
My final justification was if I ever had to send one back for repair, I could use the other as server / player and not be without music !