Upgraded to K41

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum, but I’ve been ‘lurking’ here for a few weeks.

The delay is due to a chain of events…

After much deliberation, and having consulted (on the dCS forum) with another Antipodes owner (of a K50), I decided in early June to buy the K41.

(upgrading from a SGC sonicTransporter i5)
(dCS state that all of their products are optimised for Ethernet input)

My dealer told me that it would be circa 1 month before I could expect delivery.
No problem…

At the end of June, I received a message from my dealer to let me know that my K41 would be the upgraded Gen. 4 version…

Unexpected, but clearly very welcome news! :grinning:

At that time, I wasn’t aware of the Antipodes upgrade programme, but I must say that I’m obviously delighted that the timing of my order worked out very well for me…

I must say that, whilst the timing was very fortunate for me, I feel the angst/dilemma of those existing owners that are deliberating/agonising over the upgrade cost…

As a minor point, the space that I’d allocated in my rack for the K41 was no longer an option, because the new isolation feet made the unit too tall! :grinning:

As such, I’ve had to place the K41 on the floor (on a butcher’s block, supported by IsoAcoustics Oreas) next to my rack.

Anyway, I was happy to take delivery of my Gen. 4 K41, but I’m only now able to commence the installation process, as I’ve had a nightmare with attempting to source the (Antipodes recommended) optimal SSD, the Samsung PM893…

I initially experienced failed/unfulfilled orders from both Amazon and eBay vendors, so then changed tack to the specialists…

After some further challenges/delays, I finally received my PM893 today…
Hurrah :raised_hands:

As such, I’m now in the process of transferring (via LAN) my music (c. 6tb) to the K41…

I have fibre optic b/b (c. 285Mbps), but it does seem to be a very slow transfer process…
(I’m transferring the files in batches, rather than as one giant upload)

I greatly look forward to getting the K41 up and running (and burning in), and being an active member of this forum.


Welcome onboard! I look forward to hearing your impressions. The K41 over ethernet to dCS is a great way to go.

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The first G4 model in the wild, congrats and welcome :grin:

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I have some awesome S30/40/60 slimline isolation feet for any G4 owners who need to swap to fit it in there racks (wry smile tongue in check while enjoying good music and single malt emoji)

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Thanks Kenny.

The K41 over Ethernet into my Rossini Apex should sound superb…:crossed_fingers:

Thanks @MarkCole

An honour and privilege! :grinning: