Upgrading 4.1 to 4.2 (Newbie)

I am a 3-day old K50 MK2 owner, enjoying its sweet sound via MM Tambaqui (Sablon’s AES/EBU), Simaudio 700i integrated and Larsen 9s.
As a first task, I successfully migrated Roon core off my Mac Mini!
Second task to migrate to latest release.
Right now my K50 is at 4.1.
I run upgrade on server first. The in line logs are displayed to indicate that AMS4.2 upgrade successful and to reboot.
After that I reboot by:

  • Holding the front button until i see flashing orange.
  • The press it again and reboot occurs with flashing green and then solid green.

The server never upgrades off 4.1 though! (I am running Mac OSX Chrome as recommended)
Appreciate some pointer how to fix it.
TIA, Andrew

Congrats on the K50!

As far as the upgrade, your best bet would be to book a support call.

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@kennyb123 thanks! … i am set with Mark to troubleshoot the problem tonight!

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Andrew, I believe Antipodes software updates are done in series to get to current version, and, undoubtedly, Mark will help you accomplish this with your support appointment–I show my K50 first-release model up to date at AMSv4.4.0.

I, too, have a Mola Mola DAC–Makua with DAC-- and utilize a Sablon EVO AES/EBU from my K50 to the Mola Mola, which has been a sweet combo for me. I just recently switched primary listening from Roon with Squeezebox Support enabled to Squeeze Server and Player. I have selected this before, but for whatever the reason, now it is sounding much better than I previously recalled and currently for me much more engaging than Roon, with and without Squeezebox Support enabled in Roon.

Though I had not expected it, my perception is my unit continued to evolve and improve over many months of playing, and I think this was over and beyond software updates. I am on the list with Antipodes to send my unit in for the hardware upgrades.

Congratulations on your K50 and welcome to the community.


@fuzzypoodle all sorted :+1::sunglasses:

@worknprogress I’ll be very interested to hear your report on the new USB into the Makua.
I have a Makua currently on trial, three turntables, no microphone lol, my Sony SCDXA9000 CD player and my OLADRA via USB, haven’t given AES a go yet, will do so this evening.

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Yes, I am very much looking forward to USB listening to my Makua from my K50 after the upgrade. I have not been using any software such as Roon, HqPlayer, nor Squeeze to convert or upsample the source, but rather have the Mola Mola process the “native” source. Current USB certainly is listenable, but have wanted more there, and have been instead listening via AES/EBU. In early March I pursued a new USB cable, which had a trial period. I have been using a Triode Wire Labs modestly priced cable that I have had for several years. I preferred it over a Wireworld Platinum Starlight I also had for some time with my Makua and K50 and sold the WW earlier this year. The new trialed cable after more than 120 hours for me did not exceed my TWL, but was multiples more expensive, and I ended up returning it. I have been considering several USB new cables, including new TWL Passion and Muon USB, but have held off pending the K50 upgrades. I anticipate the upgraded K50 will benefit from a period of time running before evaluating other cables, but would be great if results with existing and known TWL prove to be highly satisfying. Holding off on new USB cable for now will also give me better baseline for evaluating the K50 upgrades.

As an aside, I experimented with separate isolator feet for my Makua. I communicated with Bill Parish, USA distributor for Mola Mola on this. His position was not to add additional feet but just utilize the support rails of the Mola Mola. I am currently back to the rails only. Again, I want to wait till run in upgraded K50 before possibly testing putting feet back in the mix.

I do have the Phono Stage option with my Makua, but no turntables. The Makua Phono Stage offers significant configuration customization and allows separate configuration customization by input, something I think would be great for you with three turntables.

Ha we have taken over this thread @worknprogress lol
I too have been using a Wireworld Plat Starlight, I’m just about to pop in a Final Touch Callisto
The Makua is only a few days old, so I have a lot of running in to do, but have found that running HQPlayer in there isn’t suited, it handles “native” formats way better than upscaled, compared to the Mytek Manhatten 2 which loved HQPlayer, so interesting how the DAC design dictates the playback format.
Indeed, Squeeze and Roon+Squeeze seem to be good choices for the Makua.
Yes the Makua is great with the turntables, and the customization is a bit mind-boggling, as I say Im only 3 days into the Makua, but loving it so far.

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I look forward to your impressions of the Final Touch Callisto USB.

My experience has been Mola Mola presentation is influenced by upstream components, including cabling. I have never found mine to be a bright or glaring, but for me more reflects the organic and detailed Antipodes flavor of the K50.

As a suggestion, I would not ignore the Roon Ready RJ45 input. Using it does negate the fine player options in the K50, but, for me, still a pleasurable but different presenting additional option. I have both Sablon 2020 and Audio Sensibility Signature ethernet cables. The Sablon, for me, seems more slanted a bit in bass regions. The AS is an OCC Silver cable. It initially seemed much leaner to me, but more distinct in location imaging for singers and instruments. I truly was startled with it when I first put the AS cable in with the Mola Mola. Instrument notes appeared very distinct and suspended in space and unlike any presentation I had experienced in my systems prior. Over time the perceived leaner presentation from the AS evolved to a smooth yet detailed body, that for me has paired well in my system. I go through periods of swapping Sablon and AS, but have been using the AS for some time now. I will revisit after my K50 is upgraded.

Andrew, how is everything now proceeding for you after Mark’s assistance in getting your K50 software updated?