Upgrading installed ssd drive

I have 2 ssd in my k30. Main drive is a 4tb and second drive is a 2tb. When I installed the 2tb it became part of the overall storage. I am considering changing it to a 4tb as well. The problem I anticipate is that if I remove it I will not be able to read it so that I can transfer it’s content to the new 4tb drive. Is there a walk through for this? I have several computers/operating systems and a usb to sata cable available.

Copy all content to an appropriately sized external USB drive. Remove the 2TB drive, replace it with the 4TB, copy content back.

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Makes sense. Thank you.

Watch the Storage Guide from 5:46.

According to the User Guide, one cannot simply remove a SSD and add another SSD. All SSD must be deleted from storage, then re-added.

So, yes, connect a USB drive (or however many USB drives you require) to the K30. Copy over your music files. Then, delete the SSD storage. Add back your 4tb SSD storage disk and the new 4tb SSD storage disk. Copy over your music files from the USB drive(s).

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Thanks everyone. It appears there is no benefit to upgrading before I approach using the full 6tb. Maybe media will be cheaper then as well.