UPLOADING FILES : impssible mission


realy,realy tired with Antipodes: good sound, but much more time to try to make it works than to listen to the music; i’d copy my files (cd ripped ) on my CX with draw and drop : impossible to use sync back free because the cx never appears on windows explorer; lot of cd missing or mistakes i erased the Samsung ssd 2 To, and draw and drop one by one a few dozen of files, sometimes 3 ,4 or 5 together when the same artist, result :2 and not 4 or 5 on “my music” when playing the EX…and 2 jazzmen in a Dylan file !!!What would happend with my 25 Miles Davis or Beethoven ? I reload each files one by one ,same result… Realy realy tired…

Sounds like there are a few things going on here, particularly with the network and Windows.
If you would like assistance, please make an appointment for remote access support here…

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To have the CX appear in Windows File Explorer , File Sharing / Network Discovery must be turned on and allowed thru the Firewall.


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