USB buzz from S30 to Rockna Wavelight dac

Getting buzz from S30s USB output into Rockna Wavelight dac that you hear in the speakers. When I switch outputs from dac the buzz goes away. What’s my options to remedy this?

Have you moved the S30 around in your rack and re-positioned the SMPs?

Yes sir! Definitely having a hard time chasing it down.

I’ve had some success with IFI Defender .
(If it’s a ground issue ) .
Have you tried different USB cables ?

I have a couple of average priced USB cables, but didn’t help much. So you had the same issue? I’ve moved the S30 around…the buzz remains. I don’t think this is to accurate but using my phone to measure the buzz…it’s like 63hz.

It’s probably 60 Hz and therefore it’s likely to be a ground loop. Are you plugging both devices into the same outlet?

These easiest way to verify that it is a ground loop is to try to use a cheater plug as this will lift the ground for either your S30 or your DAC.

I have everything plugged into ps audio dectet. Only the amp is plugged straight into the wall. Just so I’m understanding…a cheater plug is a two prong plug into the wall that takes a 3 prong plug into it?

A ground loop occurs when current flows between grounds because they are sitting at a different potential. Disconnecting one of the grounds gets the current to stop flowing.

The easiest way to disconnect a ground is to use a cheater plug. You described this perfectly.

Using a cheater plug can have downsides, which is why I suggested using it only for troubleshooting. If this eliminates the buzz then you know that a ground loop was the cause. You can then work with the manufacturers to come up with a better way to eliminate the problem.

Since you have everything plugged into the same power strip, there shouldn’t be a ground loop. But the process of elimination is always the best way to get to the cause.