USB not recognized for Roon Settings backup

I have an upgraded DS that is now running AMS4.x - I was trying to accept the latest 3.x update but it took me to 4 (oh well) Most things work. However backing up Roon settings to my linked Dropbox was taking a very long time. I purchased a new 64GB USB 3.1 thumb drive to do “local” backup. I have 4 USB ports on the back of the DS and I have tried each one, with restarts, and none of them allow the drive to show up in the “sites” list when looking for backup location.

What is actually worse? is that when I went into storage and picked either USB 1 or USB 2 it looked like the backup was working but I fear it was just written to an alternate space on my SSDs in the device since the USB stick is still empty.

Any thoughts on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated since I have now tagged about 1,800 CDs and really do not want to “fix” cover art and track listings again :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by “sites”, but a USB thumb drive shows up as a folder providing that the flash drive has been properly formatted. You should be able to browse to that folder but you may have to go up a level to see it.

I don’t have one of these in the K50 right now and I can’t exactly recall where flash drives showed up. But it should either be within Storage. Or you may have to go up a level by clicking on icon above where I’ve drawn the red line.

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Thanks! Most people have shown the USB drive appearing between the root folder and the Dropbox Icon on the left of your panel. Nothing ever shows up, i.e. it is as if the drive is never mounted, even after a reboot for me.

I am having the same problem with my S40 - USB drives for database backup are not showing up in the Roon backup set-up as shown in the screenshot above. Does anyone have any tips on how to access external USB drives? I have had no success connecting to my Dropbox account, although i am reading that is not a great choice for Roon database backup, and is probably a Roon software issue.

For compatibility with Linux, the external device used for backup should be formatted as EXFAT.
You will need to check FileManager to ensure that it is available.
Also in the picture above that Kennyb posted, for local backup IE to the internal storage of your server, that is the correct location, anyone saving backups to Root will eventually fill the OS disc.

Hi Mark, I reformatted my USB drive to EXFAT a second time (not sure what went wrong the first time) and I now see it as available for Roon database backup and am performing a backup. I have also relocated the main backup from the ‘root’ to the ‘storage’ folder on the internal SSD. The USB drive is also available in the S40 file manager, so I think I am good now. Thanks for the quick reply.

Excellent, pleased you are on track, one last thing, if you can use Roon to remove the backups from Root that would be a good idea.

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Hi Mark, I was able to see the EXFAT USB drive in Roon one time and choose it for a Roon Backup, but the backup stalled part of the way through and failed. I Powered down the S40, powered up the S40 and USB drive no longer visible in Roon for db backup. Powered down S40, erased USB Drive again, hooked up to S40, started S40 - USB drive not visible or available in Roon. At the same time I have another EXFAT USB drive attached to S40 and it is not visible in Roon for db backup either.

Should it not be easy to attach an external USB drive to use for Roon db backup? With one drive bay in the S40, I am vulnerable to loss if my internal SSD fails.

Please advise