USB Output not found S40

I am using S40 as a server and player. I am just trying to setup Hqplayer but i am unable to see the USB output on my player dashboard. It only shows Analog output.
I am also not seeing USB output when i select other players.

Am i missing something? or is it a update bug?

Hi, I’m using the same and it’s working ok, can you post an image of your settings and I’ll compare with mine.

Also, do you have HQPlayer set for both server and Player in Antipodes and also select USB on the Player output (it should be highlighted orange)

Thanks for the help. i found out it was a dud USB cable.

thanks for the help again

I have the same problem with my EX. After a soft restart (button on front) the EX can’t connect to my dac over usb. A ‘hard’ reset will help. The strange thing is this doesn’t occur every time but 1 out of 3? What could cause this behavior and does anyone have suggestons to overcome this minor issue?

In some instances and very DAC dependent, the DAC needs to be re-started, this is due to the DAC’s implementation of their USB, and implementation or not of the USB 2.0 Audio Standard.
As above, check or replace cable to test.
Upon start-up the Antipodes runs a audio optimization script in the back-ground, this can take up to a minute or so in some instances, so trying to connect while the script is running may be an issue, however hitting REFRESH of the Player Dashboard should work, if not then look at the DAC.