Using a EX as a backup for the CX


I have an antipodes CX/EX and am exploring the idea of having the same size SSD in each and using the SSD in the EX as a backup of the primary disk in the CX. I run ROON exclusively so the disk in the EX doesnt get any use anyway, so I thought it may be a good backup solution.
Is anyone doing this?
Is it feasible to run some synch software on an external platform to keep both the CX and EX in synch with each other?


@ celven
Your idea is definitely feasible.
I wouldnt have the software constantly polling for changes, but rather running one off syncs

Hi Mark
Yes, that was my intension to run the software on my mac and do synchs periodically and after I do a batch of ripping.
The only thing this wont solve is off-site backup, in that case I think I would do a less frequent synch to a portable hard drive and store that else where.
If I end up doing this, I’ll post back the experience here.

Thanks @celven be interested in your choice of SYNC software