Using a Hotspot to connect K50

Hello, I am going to use the K50 at the upcoming Audio Show. I want to use my iphone hotspot with lightning to RJ45 adapter. I can then connect the ethernet cable to the K50 and use the hotspot WiFi to connect the roon tablet. I am trying to get this to work right now without success. Any ideas on what is needed to make this work?

My understanding is…

The iPhone does not support any direct connection, or indirect connection using USB or Lightning adaptor for wired ethernet connectivity with other devices

The best way is to use your laptop connected to the server via ethernet, and have the laptop use the phones hotspot.
Or, use a range extender or access point, that can access the hotspot from the phone for internet, and have an ethernet connection to the server.

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A product like this might do it for you. Enable the hotspot on your iPhone, then have this device connect to it. Then run an Ethernet cable to this and the K50.