V4.0 -> Server dashboard displays wrong Roon version number

A minor issue post the v4.0 update: The server dashboard (v4_serverdash.php) displays the wrong version number (at least in my case anyway).

On my system the following is displayed:

Roon Server Version: 1.8(build 884) stable

My Roon however has been upgraded to 2.0 as also can be seen in the diagnostics:

Info: Starting RoonServer v2.0 (build 1133) production on linuxx64

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Hi there, yes, this has been noted in another thread, we shall remedy at a later date
Thanks for letting us know, appreciated.

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What we represent with the Roon build number is the Base OEM build that has been bought down and installed via Antipodes, rather than any Roon updated version.
Anyhoo, looking to update this at some point.

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Hi Mark thank you for the update. Clear, and as I stated it is a minor topic. I am sure you have more stressing topics on your plate.