Web interface squeeze not appearing

When I want to switch from Roon to Squeeze, quite often the web interface is not available. (Site can’t be reached. Sometimes it comes after a while. Sometimes not at all.

I tried switching of Roon first but does not really make a difference.

I also notice that Roon becomes unavailable when I activate Squeeze. I thought that they could be active simultaneously

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi there, can you advise your software version and Antipodes device please.

It may be a port conflict, both apps wanting to use Port 9000.

I have a brand new K41 and it is version 3.14.
I did reinstall Squeeze several times already, which maks the problem go away but not for long…

I get this a lot, it’s usually the port has changed to 9001 but it also can take up to 10 minutes for the browser to appear after a change to Squeeze. The other issue is that the browser via 9000 doesn’t use my settings and/or loses them.

Overall I think there’s are a few issues using Material Web that would be good to fix.

What are you using as your endpoint, where are you running Squeezelite?

Pink Faun 2.16x USB and SPDIF outputs. Running on Euphony OS

@MarkCole Update: Squeeze is not working at all anymore.
Restarting the service, the K41 or reinstalling Squeeze does not work. I do not get the web interface and iPeng does not see the Squeeze server…

Please make an appointment for remote access support

I booked the consultation. Where yesterday evening I could not get Squeeze to work at all, now (4PM CET) it suddenly works and after some time it stopped responding. Can not find the logic behind this issue