What quality brand of power cord do you use with K50

I have some quality Ansuz and Kubala Sosna power cables and they just don’t fit the connection well into the K50 unit because of how the K50 is constructed. Can anyone tell what quality power cord they use that works and fits exceptionally well?

I have a k30 which I think is the same at the back I use nordost Tyr 2 cord but they are similar to what you’re using I’m not sure of the sound level difference but I no ansuz is pretty good they were partly the same company not long ago but we can’t get them here yet with the right plug for New Zealand i would love to try Ansuz gear out for sound differences

I use a Transparent Audio Gen 5 XL power cord. The TA cord is fairly heavy due to the network box, yet it holds well in the IEC inlet. Of the various brands of power cords I use on my components the TA sounds the best on the K50, my Dac and phono preamplifier or source components.

On my K30, I use an Audience SE i, works well in my space.
I had tried an Audience Front Row power cord, but I found the presentation a little forward with it, the Audience SE i the placement is better.


Looking at images, K30 appears to have some sculpting under the IEC inlet to accommodate typical sized plug housings that is not apparent on the K50.

However, instead of sculpting, the K50 IEC inlet might be in s slightly different location and sit further out than K30. We are probably talking just mllimetres difference.

Devialet’s have a similar issue if people want to leave the rear cover on, so Synergistic Research make power cords with a sllm IEC.

SR give their fittings/plugs special treatment like quantum tunnel and perhaps other proprietary treatments.

I use Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 3 Digital power cord with my EX, which was replaced by the Atmosphere X Euphoria and now there is the SX version. I also have Galileo SX in my Devialets with (the cover off). Synergistic Research are well worth audition. They could possibly make a Atmosphere SX or Galileo Discovery with the slim plug.

Alternatively, a more cost effective option is to have these fitted to your existing cords … https://www.furutech.com/2016/11/07/13978/
I gather changing plugs will have an effect on the signature of the cable though.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for all the responses. I will do a little research on each suggested cord before making a purchase PJ

I am a fan of Kubala Sosna Elation and Realization. They do not fit perfectly into everything.
I wrap the component end with one or two wraps of teflon tape. Makes it fit nice and snug.
I will also place a small block of foam that squeezes under the cable and between the cable and the shelf to support it.

Thanks Fast.Freight, I will give that a go! I use Elation KS cables PJ

I use a Shunyata Delta v2 NR. This is a flexible cord that doesn’t put a lot of strain on the IEC. I’m sure there are better cords but if one is looking for a good bang for the buck, this is a great choice.

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Bought x3 of these, thanks to a member on the forums.

I use them for the amp, dac, k50.

I use a venom v10 on the reclocker.

I use Hidiamond D4 cables. With Furutech NCF plugs

It is definitely sensitive to power cord selection. I used multiple Shunyata power starting with the Alpha v1, Sigma v1 and V2 and now the QRs. All will give you a bit more of everything. The sweet spot I believe is the SIgma v2. Careful, there is no going back…you have been warned!

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