When do updates on Hq embedded happen

Just got Hq player embedded — Its version 4.32.4. This is the version released last July — Since then there have been a few updates — When do you add the updates to your core in my K50.??

HQPlayer update will be released shortly.
Latest builds are testing.

I just checked the Signalyst website, and HQP Embedded is now at 4.34.0. The version I’m using with my K22 (with Roon) is 4.33.0.

I gather from previous replies that Antipodes has to test each new version of Embedded, is that correct?

If so, when 4.34.0 is approved for use, what will I need to do to incorporate it into my K22?

Many thanks…

We are trying to reduce the update frequency, but also understand the need for app updates, it is a balance.
Current builds are testing, no ETA for release, but are aware