Which two of three S-series units to power with single S60?

Greetings: I have an S60 power supply and S40 server on the way, to add to an existing S30 player and S20 reclocker.

Across the S40, S30, and S20, I understand I can only power two of them with the S60. Which two of the units should I power with the S60? Note that I’ll plan to use a decent quality 12v / 5A LPS for the 3rd unit.


It seems that their recommendation is to have the S30 and S20 on one S60 and the S40 on another S60. See this page.

How decent of a 12v / 5A LPS were you thinking of using for the 3rd unit? I think that may ultimately determine what it should power. If it’s not a low impedance design, you may actually end up preferring the stock SMPS.

Hi there Ace,
I’d go for the S30 and S20 on the S60, and keep the S40 on its own

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Thanks both for the quick response!

@kennyb123 asked what LPS I have, which may warrant consideration of using the stock power supply for the S40. I have a SOtM sPS-500.


That should work well with the S40.

Great - thanks much, kennyb123!

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