Why is changing solution to squeeze so painful?

whenever i want to switch to squeeze as a solution there is a long delay before my browser will open squeeze. and that’s only after i manually change the port number from 9000 to 9001. Surely this can be fixed to provide a smoother experience?

a workaround could be to leave both squeeze server and roon server running all the time. i know Mark doesn’t recommend this but does anyone have any experience of how detrimental this would be to SQ on squeeze?

Oladra with AMS v5

Try rebooting your server to see if it goes back to being able to use 9000.

Thx Kenny. No 9000 never works

Did you schedule a support session?

no, i suppose i should but its not easy for me to do so

If something “never works”, that’s pretty much the only way to get it working.

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Especially as for me at least it always seems to work without issue with AMS 5.0 and an Oladra. So I guess something else might be going on?

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We have been finding on some devices that Squeeze is slow to start, 2-3 mins in some cases.
All services are running as they should on the Antipodes, so not much we can do at present, clearing browser cache and enabling pop-ups helps.
We are investigating

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