Will there ever be a Antipodes DAC?

Hi Mark(s),

I have been looking at upgrading my DAC to improve SQ. I get the feeling that if Antipodes could find time to design one, it would be a better outcome than the current options. Any interest in this area? What DACs do you use when listening and any comments on best interpretations of the Anitpodes sound into the analogue space?

Never say never, but right now we are working hard on our range consolidation and software :slight_smile:


If you have a prototype DAC that bests the Holo Audio May KTE and / or the Mola Mola Tambaqui, Mark: I have the cash :slight_smile:

Although I have an excellent DAC I firmly believe that keeping equipment in the same ‘family’ is the way to go especially regarding digital music. An Antipodes DAC in the future is very appealing.

I have saved up some more cash, Mark, if we can talk you into a DAC.
It needs your choice of best inputs from a K50 or Oladra
It needs balanced and unbalanced outputs
Otherwise keep it “no-frills”.
The rest is up to you: I know you’ll only accept world-beating sound:)

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Thank you @ICUToo you made beer o’clock on a Friday a great discussion, with many possibilities voiced :slight_smile:

Never say never