Wrong frequency reported by dac/ heavy bass

S30, AMS v4.4. USB to Topping 10s, then SPDIF coax to Holo Spring

  1. since upgrading AMS my dac reports file frequency as 192kHz instead of anything else eg 44.1/96
    If restarting S30, initially comes up with 44.1, but if I then start a 44.1 file it jumps up to 192
    Any suggestions?
    Does the S30 upsample?

  2. Not related to upgrade, but bass/low frequency very strong. Maybe its the system in general, but wondering if theres a hidden equaliser somewhere?

C-3PO box ticked.
Disabled that and reporting now correct


Excellent… To turn off C-3P0 …

Inside Squeeze – Settings / Additional Player Settings / Extra Settings / Basic Settings Dropdown - select C-3P0 Transcoding Helper / Dis-able the checkbox and Save

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just had the same issue - with a Gustard DAC - that’s for posting this fix :smile:

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