AMSv3.1 : sound quality compared to v2.7?

Hi, did anyone evaluate the audio quality before and after the upgrade to AMSv3.1 coming from v2.7?

I’m using CX+EX v2.7 .

Thank you!

Very unscientific feedback.
Software depending, Roon improved, both in speed and sound.
Other apps have compatibility updates which you could argue give sound quality improvement, such as Tidal with Squeeze.
I’m sure you will receive more valuable comments than mine.:grin:


Indeed a controversial subject. How can software affect sound quality? That being said, the AMSv3.1 update did improve the sound quality of my system. In fact, a bigger improvement than the ROON update. With AMSv3.1, I observed better definition, greater ventilation, better placement of musical instruments in space. In short, the music is palpable and more natural.

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Thank you very much Mark and Rejean,

that’s very encouraging because audio quality is our primary objective although upgrading is not risk-free as long as I’m reading (may lead to recovery wait).

I actually use a simple Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt USB DAC and whatever headphones I have one hand to test Antipodes’ units features upon completing service for customers. That the improvements of AMS3.1 are audible through a basic setup such as this is an indicator users with far more elaborate systems should be blown away!

A free upgrade for all Antipodes users!

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I guess one question is whether it is the change to 3.1 which is giving the sound quality improvements or whether it is being able to use the later versions of the server and player apps with their own improved SQ which accounts for what we hear.

It might be interesting if @MarkCole or @antipodes could comment whether there is anything inherent in 3.1 eg in terms of how local files are loaded to RAM for playing etc or anything else in 3.1 rather than just the apps that could affect the sound quality.

As an aside it might also be interesting if we owners could discuss, perhaps in another thread, what server and player apps we are using on our Antipodes with 3.1 and which ones we think give the best sound quality. We could add into that discussion which we prefer, USB or BNC, if our particular Antipodes has that choice.


That would be a very interesting deepening on how 3.1 is making sound better.

I’m using CX for ROON server chained with EX for ROON player and EX connected to P2 Reclocker via USB and P2 connected to DAC via BNC. Exceptional sound quality still on firmware 2.7.

However I need a clarification : I’ve been reading about the positive effects on Antipodes of the “ROON update”. I think the only ROON updates I installed are the server-side updates pushed by the ROON control application. Is there another kind of ROON update for Antipodes? A player update maybe? :thinking:

Thank you!

No other update for Roon.
It is a closed ecosystem, however the Server update, should offer positive results.

Roon recently released a Linux specific update (now on to build 850 , I see) that is designed to run more efficiently. Efficiencies are generally a good thing for sound quality. Otherwise, your method of separate Server/Streamer is already a best case scenario.

Regardless of what Antipodes OS version you’re running, you would have been prompted to update the Roon interface to the latest, Linux specific update. Apparently the latest Roon builds has certain dependencies that needed to be addressed by the Linux OS. So…it may be a good time to get your units updated to AMS3.1 :wink:

@James , @MarkCole

You convinced me! I’m going to update the CX first and then the EX but I have one last essential question : will CX and EX retain their “chaining” after the update? Now it’s the CX to provide the Ethernet to the EX. Will my system work after the update :upside_down_face: ?

I have been going back and forth between HQPlayer and MPD. I’ve concluded that we are fortunate to have two different options with spectacular sound quality. Squeeze may offer a third option but I’m waiting for it to be brought current before giving it a listen.

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My impressions of the combined effect of 3.1 and the associated server/player software updates is positive. This is based on my memory of 2.7. I obviously couldn’t do any sort of AB test.

I have a CX running my Roon Core and an EX running HQ Player into a Chord TT2 and Senheiser HD800. I notice an improved sense of a 3D soundfield and a bit more warmth.

Roon stability seems to be improved, less false starts etc.


Well, your EX should have always been fed its Ethernet from the CX and not the other way around (unless I’m misunderstanding your meaning). Also note, if you system is chained together in this way, update only one Antipodes device (CX) at a time. Update the second device (EX) only once Stage3 is complete for the first device.

Things will work! You just have to be patient through the update procedure and note to reboot your units from the front panel and not via the web GUI. That said, your Roon settings will be wiped clean! So please ensure you backup your Roon Database settings (from within Roon’s Settings). After the Antipodes updates are complete, you can restore your Roon settings.

The rest is just a matter of learning your way around the new Antipodes web GUI



Stage 1 is finished.

Stage 2 is going :

Stage 2 finished

Stage 3 going on :


I restored the Roon backup. The update to AMSv3.1 It was a great experience!

The system works and now I’m updating the EX.

Thank you very much!



Now EX is on AMSv3.1, as well and the CX+EX system is working! I’ll evaluate the audio quality tomorrow :slight_smile:

Audio quality of my CX+EX+P1 system after the AMSv3.1 upgrade coming from 2.7 is exceptional although it was already wonderful. I can say it sounds a bit further analog and 3D. Most of the difference in the midrange.

AMSv3.1 is a free improvement, recommended!