AMSv4 Software Preview - Updated With Guides

Looks like a major change to the interface. I can see the benefits but I hope you don’t get into the habit of completely changing the interface at every release. I had only just got comfortable with the completely new interface from the last update.

Looking at the preview it seems like the Solution Dashboard only applies to the servers with two computers inside (eg K50, K30). For the example you show for the Ex it still looks similar to the old interface with Server dashboard and Player dashboard. Is this correct? I like that design, since it is very intuitive.

AMSv4 is primarily a change to make it easier for a new user to get started. Antipodes offers a range of possible playback setups, but prior to AMSv4 you had to find those out for yourself. Plus, you had to manage your server setup separately from your player setup, and make sure they would work together.

For those of you with a lot of experience of an Antipodes, or settled in how you use it, AMSv4 may not add much for you, but you will find some worthwhile improvements.

A new user can open the Solution Dashboad, click on a Preset, and start playing music straight away. This is a big change.

An advanced user can work out what setups they like best, make user presets for them, and from there it is a single click to change to any one of them. This is also a big change.

And you no longer have to manage a Server device separately from a Player device. You manage both server and player at a single screen. This is also a big change.

The purpose of AMSv4 is to make it as simple to use as a device that has only one way to use it, with the flexibility to use it in every viable/reliable way we know. The logic that had to be written to cover all the ways users might click to complete the setup, and all of the permutations of playback solutions for single computer devices, dual computer devices and multiple devices is more complex than you might imagine.

In my view, AMSv4 goes about as far as we can to simplify the user setup on our current platform, while keeping the application suite as complete as we can to cover all bases.

While the developments in AMSv3 and AMSv4 were mainly about the user interface, the next step for Antipodes is to completely re-build everything behind the scenes. This means developing a ground-up new operating system with new tools. This will provide us with a platform to deliver some very cool features to you, including some fundamental changes to the user experience, and better sound.

Software developments take a long time, but our ambition with this is sky high, we began a couple of months ago, and you will begin to see some early fruits of this in 2023.

We do not plan to make any fundamental changes to AMSv4 until the new platform is rolled out. But given how big a change AMSv4 is compared to AMSv3, there may be some fine tuning.


I don’t care about anything else- I just want better sound with the rock-solid reliability I’ve come to expect from my K50, now my Oladra.
Roll on the NEXT update!!


@ICUToo whoop whoop OLADRA :nerd_face:

Ahhh I see what you are saying, no, that is an un-updated device which sneaked into the network.
An EX will look the same as the S30 in the pictures.
In the pics of what is on our network, you always think of what Player you will be using, and go there in a multi Antipodes environment.
For example, if you have a S40 and S30 both will appear in myantipodes, but you use the Solution Dashboard for the S30 to set up your system, there is no need to access the S40 from myantipodes.

For a standalone EX or S30 just click the open button to go to the Solution Dashboard, click your preset and you are done.

It is probably best to wait for the videos to be released to get a better understanding.

An update and more information on AMSv4:

  1. We intend to release AMSv4 in the next week or so. We are just working on a new software update process for AMSv4, and hoping that will be finished soon. As soon as we finish that we will release it.
  2. The update to AMSv4 will be available to all Antipodes products running AMSv3, and will happen in the usual way - ie. pushed overnight, and then you choose when to install.
  3. For future updates of AMSv4, the update process will be simpler. When you open the Solution Dashboard, it will check whether you are up to date or not. If you are not, then an Update button will display in the Dashboards until you click to update.

To get a more complete look at AMSv4, follow this link:


AMSv4 is now released. Over the next 24 hours your Antipodes will receive an update script that will allow you to update to AMSv4. You will need to leave your Antipodes on overnight to receive the update script.


Hi, I seem to be in limbo with AMS 4 on my K30 player but 3.14 on my server. The server is not recognised by the new dashboard and when I click update from the player server menu, it says server is already on 3.14.

Any thoughts?


Flawless automatic installation of AMSv4.
Love it!!!

New Hampshire, USA


Are you still having an issue?
You can try to go to then click on the IP address of the server, you should be able to initiate the update from there.
If no, please make an appointment for remote access support here…

So my cx now runs 54 to 62 degrees celsius. That’s ok?

And the player dahboard shows no read out of temp. It just states ‘false’. Is this correct for ex as player? Or are my settings not right?

This temp is normal for a CX, out of interest what software are you running?

Re the EX, you should be getting temps, however there has been a number of boards used in the EX, we will likely need to update the code for that board.

Can we arrange a remote access session to check the temp sensor location?

The page says my Antipodes was found but will not open to the dashboard. I tried the remedies discussed. I was wondering if anyone else who uses a Verizon Fios Router is having a similar issue.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache, and have rebooted the Antipodes and your remote computer?

Yes I have. I scheduled a consultation for Thursday. I will try connecting my PC directly to the router just to see if that works. Currently it does not work via network connection or wifi.

@MarkCole my EX also does not display the temperature, saying “False” as with @JustGert. I believe I have a bigger problem though… I use my CX as the Server and my EX as the Player (both using Roon solely). The online manual states “You can even change the Source Server and the Preset will manage the changes without you having to re-configure anything.”… However, the Source dropdown for my EX does NOT list my CX as a Source option whatsoever, see image attached…

Are both units are updated to AMSv4?
The EX isnt seeing the CX on the network, have you rebooted both devices? Router?
Oh, and cleared your cache on your browser

We will have a fix for the temp issue on the EX

Hi @MarkCole - both are updated to AMSv4, and rebooted twice… Both are connected to my Melco S100 switch, which is connected to my Router. All worked a-ok prior to the upgrade

Remove the switch and see what happens